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Rizal in Manila Bay


6 August 1896
At dawn the España entered Manila Bay. He was not able to depart immediately for Spain, because the Isla de Luzon which Rizal was supposed to board left the day before they arrived at Manila.

6 August to 2 September 1896
For twenty-seven days, from Thursday, August 6, to Wednesday, September 2,1896, Rizal was kept under arrest aboard the cruiser, Castilla, anhored off Cañacao, Cavite.

12 August 1896
He sent a letter to his sister Narcisa , asking her to let Josephine Bracken send him pants, vests, collars, and cuffs, through a certain Prudencio Bulag.

19 August 1896
He advised his parents and sisters how they could visit him on board the Castilla, and likewise requested Narcisa to buy fruits for the officers of the cruiser, who treated him well.

25 August 1896
In a letter, he thanked his sister Narcisa for the hospitality she had shown by letting Josephine Bracken stay in her house.

30 August 1896
Governor Ramon Balnco sent Rizal a letter recommending him to the Minister of War, saying that Rizal’s conduct in Dapitan was exemplary and that he had no connection at all with the Philippine Revolution.

2 September 1896
Rizal was transferred to the boat Isla de Panay at 6:00 o’clock in the evening. He was met by the captain of the boat, Capt. Alemany, and was given the best cabin. Later, he wrote a letter to his mother informing her of his good health on board the ship.

He informed his mother of his departure for Cuba, comforting her that everybody is in the hands of the Divine Providence. To his sisters, he urged them to take good care and and love their aged parents the way they expect their children to love them.

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